Atonement Theology

This is a good prolegomena to discussion and examination of the theology of the Atonement. The chart below the break is especially helpful in schematically laying out the sources, emphases, and approaches of various schools of thought on the Atonement.

Part of the series Legends of the Fall.


Jesus dead off crossChristian Theologians had invented at least eight Atonement Theories. Atonement theories are theological speculation about what was accomplished by Jesus’ death and resurrection.  When I was a Christian I  believed the “Penal Substitutionary Theory” but at that time I did not know there were other theories.  But after leaving Christianity, I learn that there are many more flavors of Christianity than I ever imagined.

Your average Christians claims that the Bible is clear on the issue of salvation.  But isn’t it odd that each of the contradictory theories we made by very smart theologians  who also felt the Bible was clear on how salvation works?  You’d think this central doctrine in Christianity could have been resolved over 2000 years of theologizing.

Atheists may say,

“Why does it matter?  Christianity is false anyway, who cares about the various spins?”

Well, first, in rightful deference to Christians, what if the Christianity you…

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  1. @ turmarion,
    Glad you found my work on listing these different theories useful.
    I had to look up “prolegomena” = a preliminary discussion, esp a formal critical introduction to a lengthy text.
    I’m not sure such a technical word is either necessary or even appropriate in this case. The less mystical we keep the conversation, the simple the story becomes. The simpler, the easier it is to see what is really going on.

    Stop by again if you have suggestions on how to correct or improve my chart — thank you.

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